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Oh, for Pete’s sake!

It is so like me to start a blog right at the busiest time of the year.  Summer time in this part of the country is a collective shift of the community from hibernation to complete manic activity.  The short summer season here makes me feel like I have to do X,Y, and Z like RIGHT now or the warm months will have been wasted.  I am, in fact, looking out the window on a garden plot that needs some serious attention.  While gardening is not really my gig, with food prices the way they are, planting swiss chard and broccoli seems like a good way to save a few bucks.

Then there is the second job.  I live in a major tourist area and decided that taking a part-time evening job serving tables on the weeks when I don’t have the kids would be a good idea.  Money-wise, it’s awesome but it means that when I do work in the evenings, I am working from 9 am until midnight or later.  The interesting thing is that I used to look forward to my non-custody weeks (for the peace and quiet because I’m just an evil mom like that), but now the custody weeks seem easier!

Even though…. Boy 1 is firmly entrenched in teenagehood.  My god.  The attitude!  I feel so bad for the teenage angst he is experiencing, but at the same time, I want to kick his butt into next week (or the year 2015).  And he won’t even be 13 until June.  The anger issues, which I’m assured are normal for this stage, nonetheless smack of his father’s pent up anger and control issues and that worries me.

Speaking of which… I took both boys on a little road trip to a State Rec area about 40 miles out of town the other weekend.  It also happens to be about 20 miles past the area my ex and his wife live.  As we’re cruising down the road, Boy 2 pipes up, all worried-like,  from the back seat and says, “We can’t go on this road!  Dad says he needs his space!”.  Excuse the hell out of me??? What is wrong with that man!