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Be Choosy!

As much as I get a kick out of some of the catalogs that show up in my mailbox, they usually just get tossed. And in a state where paper recycling is non-existent, this is a problem. I can’t burn them in my woodstove because of all those glossy, shiny pages. I have more than enough stuff, so don’t need to be reminded of the stuff that I could have (but don’t really need). This site offers a solution, although it does take a bit of work. Each catalog you want to opt out of needs to be individually identified. That being said, it’s quick and painless!

Opt out, my friends!


What did you do for Earth Day?

I had the day off from work, and thought I would do something nice for Mother Earth.   I’m sacrificing by not  using my car as much this summer, and will instead be driving this newly-purchased hunk of metal around.Oh Yeah!

Really.  It’s for the environment.