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Okay, I’m behind the times a bit.

I finally watched “Juno” last night.  It’s not that I haven’t wanted to see it but a) I hate the local mongo-cineplex, b) canceled my Netflix since I was paying $17 a month to have the same copy of the Bionicle Movie for weeks and c) have a passive-aggressive and financially detrimental relationship with the local video store (they rent me the movie and then I accidentally keep it for too long before returning it.  Usually unwatched).

Jason, don\'t hate me, you\'re just the example here!

Beyond the whole teenage mother thing… yes!  I identify! … what got me was Jason Bateman’s portrayal of Mark, the somewhat unwilling husband of the adoptive mother.

I have dated this guy in several incarnations.  You know, the guy who is pushing middle age but still thinks he is cool enough to hang with the young and hip.  And I’m not saying that we non-teenagers can’t be hip but, well, you know.

This is the guy who is pushing 40 and still wants to be a rock star.  Who is still skateboarding at the local skate park even though all the real punk kids are like, “who the hell is that old fogey?”.  Who still sports an anarchy symbol bumper sticker on his ski rack.  Who still shows up at the underground dances/raves (I remember those people and I thought they were GROSS!).

This is the guy who doesn’t know what he wants and still needs to find himself and that is his best break-up line.

It’s the version of “it’s not you, it’s me” that really reads like this: I have super-fun playing in your bed, but this whole real-life thing you have going on?  Not so into that!