I’m a…..mother of the halfs?

First of all, congratulations to the ex and his wife on the birth of their new baby.  No, really.  I mean it.

When I picked up the boys today, they came screaming out the door to tell me the news.  And then promptly got in a fight, because apparently Boy 2 had won Rock, Paper, Scissors and therefore the privilege of telling me.  And then Boy 1 just talked faster. And for the moment, that was a bigger deal than the new brother.

Anywhoo… I knew this moment was coming.  My children getting a new sibling.  I thought maybe I would need a bottle of wine, some contemplation or, I don’t know, something.  But the reaction I had was more like if my mother had told me some second cousin from Nebraska whom I had only met once as a child had given birth.  So, it was more like, “huh”  and then, as an afterthought, what did the kid weigh?

I know, I know.  This is an important event in my boys’ lives.  I’m sure stuff will change for them. At their other house.  I do care about that and I’m glad that they are excited and welcoming of their new brother (even if he is named after a rock, heh).  I just can’t seem to get that emotional about it otherwise.

I think I’ll still have that glass of wine though.


3 responses to “I’m a…..mother of the halfs?

  1. Welcome back to blogging!

  2. Just curious is the name Stone?

  3. I am so not looking forward to getting to that point… It’s strange enough seeing him with his dad and his dad’s girlfriend let alone his dad, his dad’s girlfriend and their new baby/his brother or sister!
    It’s overwhelming just thinking about it!
    I hope I handle it as well as you did 🙂

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