A blast from the past email from the oh-so-perfect stepmother…

Please, Bio-Mom. There just must not be enough love in this world……not sure if it is hormones or what, but I have even recently thought, as I used to before the drama became evident, “hmmmm, wouldn’t it feel nice to drop by Bio-mom’s work with the boys just so they can run in and say hi”….or “maybe Bio-mom would love some fresh flowers, just because…” ……all of this because I know what love on this earth can do – ok, maybe not really “love” in this situation, that is a real reach at this point, but at least the whole Random Act of Kindness gig……NO sarcasm in that either…..but then I always wake from that fantasy with the reality of the dishonesty dished out our way. In another life, I would still be able to do those things. I do believe in the creed of my bumper stickers, I am just not the saint who wrote them. I wish I could reach out and provide Random Acts of Kindness to you, if only for selfish reasons, because I know deep down how good that would actually feel…and because maybe, just maybe, that would make a difference to you and this dishonesty and bullony would stop. There is a quote I adore: “When they conk you on the head with their billysticks, zap them right back with superlove.” I feel like my head has been conked on plenty by you, but I’ll be darned if I can muster the ability to zap you back with any of form superlove.

Now, while this woman has sent me reams and reams of crazy-ass emails, this one is my favorite. I mean, where the hell did that quote come from? I googled it, and sure enough there was an entry on or some such site. But I’m pretty sure she submitted it herself.

Oh, and the dishonesty and ‘bullony’ to which she refers? No idea. Except maybe it pissed them off when I challenged their attempt to change the custody agreement SIX months after they met. I’ve asked for examples of my ‘dishonesty’, etc, but somehow that evidence is never forthcoming.

And the bumper stickers? One of my other favorite things. Both of their vehicles now have bumper stickers that say hippie-sweet things such as, “With Love, All Things Are Possible” and “Peace is Possible”. I totally called her on the hypocrisy of sporting such sentiments, while continuing to send crazy emails on a daily basis.

Hope everyone has a SUPERLOVE sort of day! Go SUPERLOVE someone. Or yourself!


3 responses to “SuperLove!

  1. James Mischener

    Its from the book “The Drifters” by James A. Mischener
    She might be crazy, but her quote is legit.

  2. If only for a second I was brave enough to tell my daughter’s stepmother to go “Superlove” herself! You are inspiring and I stumbled across your blog at the best possible moment! Thank you for the laugh!! Now whenever I see my ex-husbands “sweet, beautiful, adorable, kind, and considerate” wife I can think back to your comment and smile, instead of contimplating the best possible way to run her over with my soccer mom SUV.

    • Thanks Ashely! Funny thing is, I always forget about this blog thing I started way back when… see, by the time I was clear-headed enough to write (with humour) about the situation, I sort of just stopped caring about those two! Obviously, it didn’t take long.

      And what happens when two people base a relationship on the mutual hatred of a third person and then third person (that’s me) no longer gives a shit and quits responding to their games? That’s right…. divorce is pending. Karma is a beee-yotch, isn’t it? Aloofness is the best armor, indeed…

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