In response to Dad’s house re: medical info sharing;

Dad’s House wrote a post this morning that hit a chord in me. See it here. Communication issues are prevalent amongst us single parents, but sharing information about your child’s health should be a no-brainer. Unfortunately, for some people, withholding information is a way to exercise control. Even if it affects their own child.

And then, there is this extreme…

My ex threw a fit one time because I scheduled dentist appointments during his week. The boys both had cavities and I took the earliest appointments available because our dentist is normally booked out several weeks. This is just a snippet of the thousands of words he had to write about the subject:

“I will still be calling care providers and informing them you are not authorized to schedule appointments in the future without my consent, as I am the insurance holder and you continue to overstep your parental rights with no agreement to stop that behavior.”

I had emailed him that I would be happy to leave work and take the boys to their appointments if he couldn’t, but he felt the major point was that I had encroached on HIS parenting time. Well, fine, if you put your self before your kids rotting teeth.

I told him to go ahead if his lawyer agreed with him. He’d just look like an ass anyway. The boys kept their appointments.

It’s super unfortunate when parents put their own petulance and control issues before their children and health care.


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