Why am I here?

I’ve been sorting through the correspondence from my ex and his wife for a couple of different reasons.  The first being, of course, to illustrate on this blog the sequence of craziness that comes from these sorts of custody disputes.  I also wanted to try to replicate the sense of confusion and outrage that I felt when I was first reading them.  You know what?  I just can’t do it!  Oh, don’t get me wrong, I still roll my eyes and snicker at the god-awful spelling and ridiculous lines of illustration that both my ex and his wife used (and still do).  But I’m so over it, although not above blogging about it!

I’ve received a few emails from old far-away friends who, after reading the first few posts here, wrote to offer a listening ear and/or advice.  I love you guys!  But isn’t it insane that this kind of crap is so universal?  That really is the point of this blog.  When I was really in the midst of the insanity, I searched the internet for some sort of parallel to my situation.  I found tons of posts on support boards and forums about extremely abusive ex-spouses, but not so much about the slyly manipulative and controlling one.  I seriously doubt that my life is that unique.  And the techniques that my ex attempts to use on me are not limited to divorced couples.  I’m sure this shit goes on between married couples, extended family members, co-workers, etc.  Boy 2 asked me sometime ago what my life philosophy was.  It didn’t take me long (well, 31 yrs but who’s counting) to realize that it is “Live and Let Live”.  I’ll take you for you are and if I don’t like you that much, I won’t make an issue of it.  I won’t take it personally and I’ll move on.  That has been only one of the huge lessons I have learned (in a roundabout way) from the last two years.  I’m only here to entertain and to impart my teeny bit of wisdom.


One response to “Why am I here?

  1. You want to read manipulative…

    check this email out sister:

    I’m sure we could and swap horror stories

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