Ex-Email of the Week

On Wednesday, from the ex, in response to my emailing asking which day he was working this weekend.  For future reference, our custody schedule now goes- me: one week, him: one week, except if he is working his 24 hr shift Fri, Sat or Sun.  Then I get the Boy 1 and Boy 2.
B shift is Sunday, but I could be working Saturday or Sunday at this point, or neither.  You will know when I do.

It is no problem if you are not available by the time I know for sure. My family is complete without any involvement from you.

I absolutely love the last little line/dig.  Good to know!  It’s almost as good as him trying not to give me any advance notice for when I get my kiddos.  Like I care, I’ll take them any day of the week.


2 responses to “Ex-Email of the Week

  1. your ex sounds like my ex….keep your chin up

  2. Hi!! I’m very excited to find other single mom types in blogland, and especially one who I can bemoan the drama of custody issues with!

    Look forward to reading more here — Pop over and check out the latest drama from my ex. He’s talking to our 3 1/2 year old about me kidnapping them. Cray-zee!!!


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