So, first post…

I can’t decide if I’m just supposed to jump in with life or have the explanatory back story here. In perusing other favorite blogs, it seems bloggers just jump in? Okay, I only checked two. And maybe someday the full thing will go in the “justification” page. How about this? I start with some back fill, post current stuff and take you through into the past once in awhile.

Back Fill Part:

Married REAL young (pregnant with Boy 1, of course). Had Boy 2 also really young. Separated in 2002, divorced in 2003. Amicable divorce, by the way. 4 years of for-the-most-part cooperative co-parenting ensue. Ex-Husband meets Love of His Life in January of 2006. By September of 2006, they are cohabbing and Ex-Husband files a motion to change our child custody agreement based on this new arrangement of his. Are you with me still? Okay, this is all fine and dandy until I file the paperwork that says hell, no! I’m the mama! And who is this chick anyways? One and a half years later, the ridiculousness is still happening but now I’m just getting a kick out of it, so thought I would share with the world.



One response to “So, first post…

  1. Oh, man, I hear ya. I also do the week-on/week-off parenting deal-e-o and I don’t know whether I’m coming or going. Some weeks it’s wild and crazy with every evening booked up with an honest-to-goodness social life. Other weeks I’m sitting on the couch in my living room at 9:27 pm, twiddling my thumbs, having tucked the kidlet in bed and restored order to our household.
    Sometimes it just seems like I’m counting down…how many days til kidlet’s back with me? How many days til I get to go wild and crazy with friends and fall into bed at 3 am?
    And sometimes it seems that I’m spending all my time recovering from a full-on parenting week and preparing for the next one. Groceries bought, laundry done, playdates booked.

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