My 4th grader is a co-parent. Already.

Boy 2 showed me one of his favorite stuffed kittens today.  Snowball apparently has fur cancer, but has been cleaned by Boy 2’s ‘girlfriend’, so is well on the way to recovery.  Thank god for fur cancer miracles!  Anyways, Boy 2 informed me that it is Snowball’s week to stay with him.  I guess Boy 2 and his little friend have been trading Snowball back and forth (pass-offs occur at recess) in a shared custody type situation.  I asked Boy 2 if he wasn’t just a tad young to already be divorced.  His answer was that he just wasn’t old enough to get married.

Frankly, I’m sure I should be a little more worried about this cavalier attitude at such a young age regarding shared custody.  But in an age where most children live the shuffle life, I don’t think there is any getting around it.  That’s the part I hate about being the half-ass mom.


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