And the fun begins…

The email that kicked it all off….
10-25-06 I sent this last week to your hotmail account instead of this one, please let me know which one you prefer.
Your response to the motion to change child custody, support and visitation gives even more reason for us to use email as our only contact. The lies and retractions of verbal agreements will come to an end with this being a written docuement of our contact and discussions regaurding the boys.
Let me state again that no communication is to be sent back and forth using the boys as messengers.
Contact through email and using (name deleted) as a visitation mediator will work just fine with some time and practice. We will need to work out a system for the days that I choose to have the boys during your week while they are out of school and you are at work (3 to 6 PM) so that you know where they are at all times during your week.
Again, only barring emergencies regaurding the boys are you to call me by phone. You are more than welcome to call and speak to the boys while they are with me as long as it is before their 8:30 bedtime. I will expect the same and use the same curtiousy using 8:30 as the cutoff time.
It is still mine and (name deleted)’s desire to have the boys with us for the entire week when it is our week reguardless of my work schedule. Until a written agreement is made and filed with the court, the boys will continue to be with you during my work days. I would still be willing to mediate with a mediator or counselor in regaurds to the visitation schedule to comply with the current custody order. Pick a day and a mediator and let me know with some days in advance. I will also research for a mediator.
Please remember to keep the boys out of this mess completely. They do not need to be part of this battle and need not know that you and I are at odds and going to court. This is the most crucial part of being and acting like an adult and protecting our children.
The Ex works 24 hours on, 48 off. Needless to say, shared custody on that kind of schedule took some creative time tooling. But we made it work. Disjointed for the boys? Yes. Probably not the best thing. However, they didn’t have to go for days without seeing either one of us. And now that the boys have gotten older, I see the benefits for them in a week-on, week-off schedule. But at the time? With a woman who had been in their lives for 6 months and who I had hardly met? He wants them to spend the night with her WHILE I am available? No way.

One response to “And the fun begins…

  1. Hey, Lady – I have some experience in this area (as that woman, sadly); give me a call if you want to just chat. Custody issues suck and I’m sorry that you and the boys have to (keep) going through it. God bless, and I wish I had more.

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